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SESPE WATERFALL - Original Oil Painting

SESPE WATERFALL - Original Oil Painting

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Medium: Oil on Birch
Size: 13 x 16
Framed natural wood floater frame

SESPE WATERFALL  This original oil painting has been in the works for a while. A simple design of a powerful abstract impressionionistic response to a waterfall in the Santa Paula Canyon Waterfalls and Punch Bowl region — a series of pools, slides and waterfalls in the Los Padres National Forest known as the Sespe Wilderness. Most of my youth was spent up in this wilderness exploring with my dear friends. I am glad I finally painted this waterfall. This is just the beginning. My son Nathan is a photographer and lives and hikes in the mountains surrounding Santa Paula and I will be using some of his photos as reference in upcoming paintings. Cool to collaborate creatively with my son, who also shares my love of hiking.

Includes Certificate of Authenticity

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