In the planning this new launch of JULES SMITH FINE ART CARDS & PRINTS there was much research to design the structure for success at the same time have it echo my values, especially concerning packaging.

In our lives we are eliminating plastic and I wanted to start a business with the same goal. I’m happy to announce I found a solution for those too far from a recycle bin. We are using eco-friendly Clear sleeve / bags that are an environmentally safer choice. Made from Plants (PLA) they are biodegradable. We are thankful to protect your investment while protecting our environment. Each card and kraft brown envelope comes in a protective PLA clear sleeve.

All Card envelopes and boxes are made of Kraft Brown Recycled Paper. We are pleased to announce by using recyclable, biodegradable packaging, we are protecting your Art Cards and Prints, and the environment from the harm caused by single-use plastics.


At JULES SMITH ART CARDS & PRINTS we are committed to being responsible when it comes to the environment. For every single order placed a portion goes to help local farmers in Puerto RIco. 

Jules Smith Art Cards & Prints supports Small Farmers in Puerto Rico with 10% of profits going to AgroNat, a small farm in San Lorenzo Puerto Rico that struggles to restore and replant their fields and plantain groves after Hurricane Fiona destroyed their season.