HOW WOULD YOU FRAME THIS ? Thoughts and Tips on ART PRINT Framing

HOW WOULD YOU FRAME THIS ? Thoughts and Tips on ART PRINT Framing

How Would You Frame This ? Picking out artwork for your home is the fun part. But how do you go about framing Art Prints ? As I launch the ART PRINTS GRAND OPENING I wanted to demystify some of the questions you might have. This blog talks about the how and whys of the border around the art and how to take that into consideration when you choose the art print and the process of finding the right frame for your style.

  • I will have a blog about great Amazon frame choices and links to them in my next blog. 
  • Look for a blog about the technical aspects of the archival inks and paper products that are used to make your high quality print.

Tips and thoughts on framing: 


Maybe you are looking at the prints for sale on my website and wonder, "How would you frame this?"

Here are some thoughts on framing prints:



Almost all of my ART PRINTS are sold with a white border on the edges. (to include signature and title)

This does 3 things:

  1. It gives the look of having a "built-in" mat around the print, making it look more like fine art and less like a poster
  2. It gives space around the edges so when framed, none of the image is covered by the front frame lip. (If you've ever noticed when framing a print, the front edge of a frame can cover up an image by anywhere from 1/16" on every side to even 1/4" on every side, depending on the frame. That means up to an entire half inch of your image could be covered up! 
  3. It allows the bottom signature, title, and (if applicable) number of the print to show. Signed prints are worth more than unsigned prints, and numbered limited edition prints are worth more than open edition prints, so it stands that most people want to show off the signature! Every artist will sign their pieces differently, but in general, signed on the front in pencil at the bottom of the piece is standard. So if your piece has that, proudly show it off! 

If you take your piece to a framer's to be professionally framed, you may notice that more white space is left on the bottom of the piece than the top (or the mat may even be cut a little thicker on the bottom). This visually balances the piece. If too little white space is left on the bottom, it can feel cramped or top heavy.

In terms of art preservation, it is better for a work on paper to be framed with a mat. The mat not only gives the piece more visual presence, but it keeps the artwork itself from  touching the glass on the frame, which better protects the art. 


However, while it is safer for art on paper to be framed with a mat, it isn't a requirement.

These prints below are framed without a mat in standard off-the-shelf frames from a big box stores like Michaels, Walmart, IKEA  and I think they look great! I always personally lean toward simpler frame styles and colors, but your frame style should go with your decorating style. I have some great options on Amazon links at the end of this blog and in each product information.

An ornate frame can really elevate a simpler piece of art.

Regardless of how you frame your art, always make sure you are using archival-quality materials; that means looking for acid-free backings, papers, and mats, which will keep the delicate paper from aging too quickly. Art on paper, whether a print, photograph, drawing, pastel, etc. should always be hung out of direct sunlight (which can break down the paper and bleach the pigments) and away from moisture (which can cause mildew or mold or even make the art stick to the frame or glass itself, causing irreparable damage).

And if you don't have a local framer that you like, there are amazing online custom framing shops like Simply Framed and Framebridge that can frame your piece for you. They are very pricey but you can play around and get ideas there. I have some great inexpensive options on Amazon link at the end of this blog and in each product information list.

Please read another blog for details on the high quality archival pigment ink and  paper used to create the archival Giclee reproduction prints.

Feel free to message me for more information.

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If you do want a print without border printed borderless like a poster to size  8 x 10, 11 x 14, 12 x 16 please indicate by typing in on check out page in the special instructions box.

I will be posting more individual special links to some great frame option on Amazon in my next blog.  This link gives you many options:

Please note: This page contains an affiliate link to shop for frames on my Amazon shop which means if you purchase an item, I’ll receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. 😊


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