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Grand Opening of Jules Smith Art Cards and Prints

FINE ART for EVERYONE ! Brighten your Day, Be Inspired and Support the Arts. Economically priced (Environmentally responsible) Cards & Prints of original art by Jules Smith now available. Choose a collection of notecards in boxed sets for your own use and to give as gifts. Individual packaged Cards are also available. 

Each card in the 6-card Collection Box Sets, and single cards are all individually sealed in a clear eco-friendly biodegradable made-from-plants (PLA) bag/sleeve. We have chosen eco friendly clear bags because they are the perfect disposable option for reducing our carbon footprint while giving your card or print quality protection and presentation.  

In the planning this new launch of JULES SMITH FINE ART CARDS & PRINTS Business Component, there was much research to design the structure for success at the same time have it echo my values, concerning packaging especially. 

ECO FRIENDLY BAGS: When choosing the right plastic bag for packaging the Cards and Prints, we thought about the impact it might have when thrown away. In our lives we are eliminating plastic and we wanted to start a business with the same goal. Im happy to announce we found a solution for those too far from a recycle bin. We are using eco friendly bags that are an environmentally safer choice. Made from Plants we are thankful to protect your investment while protecting our environment. 

RECYCLABLE BIODEGRADABLE PACKAGING: All Card envelopes and boxes are made of Kraft Brown Paper. We are pleased to announce by using recyclable, biodegradable packaging, we are protecting your Art Cards and Prints, and the environment from the harm caused by single-use plastics.

ART THAT OPEN OUR EYES:  “The Job of an Artist is to Keep our Eyes Open” says Artist Robert Rush….. This quote is on one of my favorite coffee cup, and I accept that challenge. I am a California Artist living in Puerto Rico and am interested in creating art that opens our eyes to the world. Yes, the incredible beauty of the land, farms, ranches, wild areas, Seascapes, Cityscapes, Architecture, extraordinary light and shadow in ordinary moments and everyday settings, honorable heroes found everywhere through portraits and figurative art. The stories told by art, the narrative of supporting agriculture and hometown values, liberty, compassion, history permeate my drive to create art.

SUPPORTING LOCAL FARMERS: Here in Puerto Rico we recently marked a 5-year anniversary of Hurricane Maria. (September 2017). We remember how Maria — the strongest hurricane to hit Puerto Rico in more than 80 years — destroyed homes, roads, and bridges; knocked out power across the island. The highest 1-Minute sustained winds for Hurricane Maria was 175 mph. Hurricane Maria had some of the strongest 1-minute sustained winds for an Atlantic Hurricane in recorded history. Hurricane Maria was at category 5 strength for 1 day and 6 hours. This fierce Cyclone brought the island to a standstill because with no electricity and water,  extreme food shortages became dire. Not only did the existing farms take a direct hit, the entire food supply was laid bare. We realized Puerto Rico imports 85 percent of its food from the United States and because the ports were shut down the supermarkets quickly sold out you might remember photos of bare shelves filling Facebook and instagram. Puerto Rican’s suffered. Yes we came together we got through, (some of you helped me help others in many ways through NEIGHBORS HELPING NEIGHBORS grassroots effort, more about that later) but lessons were learned.

Many people decided to do something about this non-sustainable travesty. It was mostly young people went back to their roots and started small farms in the rich fertile but rough jungle like land that covers this beautiful island.  A farmers life is not easy with all the environmental issues and business anxieties of selling their produce, however these entrepreneurial young people have endured. And then on the anniversary of Irma and Maria (Sept.18, 2022) we were hit by another Hurricane. Fiona brought a huge impact of wind to the south and torrential rains islandwide. although the electric grid failed and 1.5 million people were without power or water it was repaired quicker for most of the island except for the Southern regions. However, Fiona was a slow-moving storm with wind speed of 85 miles per hour, the high rainfall caused rivers to rise higher than during Hurricane Maria (2017). Homes, cars, bridges washed down the rivers and the farmers crops slid down the hills, bananas knocked over, and fields were flooded. I want to join with others in helping the small farmers get back on track. Several organizations have formed to encourage work brigades to provide volunteers to go to the farms and clear the land again and replant.  One of these organizations is La Marana who has rallied around a group of small farmers organizing workers, getting legal help from FEMA and other aid programs, and raising funds to directly assist the farmers. One of the small farms was started by a couple of friends I know from years ago when I was a youth leader, and is located in San Lorenzo. Carlos and Maria are a young family with a 4-year old daughter working the land with their team in the area of San Lorenzo. The name of their farm coop is AgroNat, LLC.

RAISING AWARENESS & FUNDS for Small Farms. I will be auctioning off my original oil painting of a Vintage Tractor with 50% of profits going to their Farm this coming week. (I will also include a link so people can donate any amount directly to the  - they can earmark their donation to  AgroNat Farm.) Ongoing, I will be donating 10% of all profits from the Art Card and Print business to cultivate Food Security here in Puerto Rico as a permanent part of my business plan. Specifically, continuing 10% donation  of all profits will go to Carlos and Maria’s AgroNat LLC farm in San Lorenzo.

As an artist I hope to paint subjects that bring awareness and cultivate support for small farms and ranches while honoring the agriculture history of both California and Puerto Rico. I am glad to champion the islands Food Security efforts by supporting AGRONAT through La Marana with my art.

Thanks for joining with me supporting the Small Farms 


Small Prints of Jules Smith Original Work on Archival high quality ready for faming.

Give the gift of art: Choose from the various collection or give a Gift Card 

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